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World of Tanks Console - Battle Heroes Q&A

MAY 2018

Two part question. First, when is the HMH FV305 going to be sold by itself? Second, are you going to introduce a base version of the FV305?
Thanks for asking as I don’t see it in the schedule anywhere. I’ll make sure it’s added. No plans for a base version at this time. If there’s enough interest in a base tan UK version we could easily make that.

In an earlier stream this year, it was implied that Italy (and Poland by extension) won't be coming to console for a very long time. Is this because there will be console-exclusive nations released here in the meantime?
The main reason is that taking new nations means integrating the latest version of World of Tanks PC server into World of Tanks Console. These integrations can take months. Right now we’re integrating 9.20.1 which doesn’t contain those new lines yet. We will pick those up in the next version we update to, but that will still be a way out.

Any chance of making an event like the Lunar mode again but this time featuring hover-tanks?
Sure there is. I’m hoping we will have at least a couple brand new event modes for you to test out this year.

When are we getting a garage redesign? The old one is looking a little dull after staring at it for a few years.
Early this summer as we’re working on it right now. It is coming out really nice and I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Does the new 'big' update include new sounds? For example, engine, gun, environment, etc.
Yes, engine sounds will be completely revamped for the next big update. They are in QA right now. Can you imagine having to listen to and test the sound changes on 500+ tanks?

Will we get an advanced warning of what will happen to the FV215b with the coming British update?
Yes, that will happen in our update to 9.20.1 later this summer.

Back in June 2017, you said, “We are actually part way through the implementation of adding what we call custom Wiggly Bits to your tanks.” Could we get an update on this feature?
The first part of that work was custom flags we released late last year. Other attachments or wiggly bits as it were is still a long term project due to the amount of UI and Tank artist resources we need to complete it.

On Blitz you can pay some Gold to enrich your Tech Tree Tanks so it has Premium XP and Silver Benefits, does Console plan this for the future?
No current plans but worth exploring.

Is the Battle Royale mode ever coming to Console?
It’s quite possible once we upgrade to that version of the server but not for some time yet.

Could you tell us what each department is currently working on or hints to what the big items we can expect this year?
While I’m in charge of development, I have no say over when things are announced. That’s a completely different team in another office. Most of the team is focused on our next big release coming early summer. The rest of the team is working on the integration of 9.20.1 from PC for late summer. Sorry I can’t say more.

When could we see more HUD customization options such as new reticles to choose from?
For as long as that’s been on the wishlist, I’m sorry to say I don’t currently have a timeframe for it.

Any realistic chance this year we will see the opportunity to have "clear camo" that shows the tank's original color but gives the camo bonus?
Funny we were just talking about that this week. I’d say it’s a real possibility for at the very least hero and special tanks.

Hello, will we get a Polish tree in the future?
You bet, we bring over the new nation tech trees from PC regularly.

Are double cap assault modifications on the list of things to do?
Possibly, what exactly are you looking for?

Any chance of WoT being able to go over the 50GB limit to support PC 1.0 maps?
Yes, we can go over 50 GB now as we’ve worked things out with the console manufacturers. We still want to keep downloads as small as possible of course but there’s no longer the restriction on size.

We had Soviet and American Dream Ops, Could we do Germany next?
Sure we can, you will likely see one around the turn of the year.

June 2018

Since the American Memorial Day is coming up, and the Flags for our tanks have been introduced, can we get MIA/POW Flag to fly on our tanks to honor those who are still missing in action or have suffered as a prisoner of war?
We can certainly look into and if there are no trademark issues have them added.

What happened to the tournament system? There have been no more tournaments since last year.
We were supposed to be kicking off tournament season at the beginning of the year bug changes in the publishing group left no resources to manage it. They are working on getting that started back up. There’s been some test tournaments going on lately in preparation for this.

Is Console going to remove Preferential Matchmaking like the PC?
No plans to at this time as we are not facing the same issues they are trying to resolve.

When will we get the M4 Improved?
Towards the end of the year when it’s getting cold again.

Any Clan related features planned this year?
We currently have something planned for later in the year. It hasn’t been fully vetted and approved yet but it is in the detailed design phase.

You had mentioned that the King Tiger would be put on the schedule to be sold separately. Any closer on a date?
In the upcoming months.

I heard that we won’t get the 357 matchmaking with 4.5? Instead, we get a different one right?
The 9.20.1 server update that brings new matchmaking was moved to 4.6 and will have modifications beyond what the PC game implemented.

When will we see newer Premiums such as the M4 Thunderbolt VII, Loza M4, Somua SM, ELC EVEN 90, T92 L, AMX CDA 105 and Centurion 5/1?
Some of the newer premiums will make their Console debuts in the course of the current year.

Any ETA on a way to share raw replay files between players?
I’m sincerely hoping before the end of the year. The server team at our Big World office is assigned to work on it.

Can we have more unique premium tank content and not a new reskin every other month?
Yep, we have a lot of new tanks in store for you.

Can more raw/detailed stats be released for tanks in regards to vehicle changes or the lack thereof?
More data never seems to change people’s opinion on certain tanks no matter how often we publish it. There’s no current method or tool that would allow us to publish all of the data. Maybe tank balance could be a future live stream to address some of these questions.

Is there a new low tier Chinese (Tier III, IV or V) premium tank anywhere on the horizon?
Nothing planned for this year that I know of.

Will we see more special crews like the Sabaton crew? Maybe some special WG staff crew pictures and voices?
Actually very soon.
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